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“The Business Knowledge Centre” is the result of our two co-founders, Karen Main and Sarah Atkinson recognising the benefits of providing all prospective, new and existing business owners with access to resources, training, knowledge and support for all aspects of their business needs all in the one place.

Having independently operated successful bookkeeping businesses for many years, Karen & Sarah have seen it all and experienced first-hand on so many occasions, the frustrations that new business owners experience when trying to obtain all the right information to successfully establish and then operate their business.

They have also seen the sometimes devastating results of business owners making decisions without the right information or advice which can so easily be avoided by working with the right people right from day one.

All the information is out there, but never before has it been consolidated in just one place – until NOW!!

“The Business Knowledge Centre” has one very clear vision – to be the one place for ALL businesses to come to source the right information and support services to ensure their long-term success.

We invite you to be a part of this group of successful business owners – talk to us today about your needs and let us help you achieve your business goals without the stress and frustration.

Our people



The proud owner and operator of Elite Bookkeeping Services since 2003 and with almost 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in all bookkeeping related tasks, payroll, business reporting, financial management and systems development.

Not just your average BAS Agent, Sarah’s “corporate world” employment history prior to setting up her own business has also provided her with extensive business and people management skills.

Sarah’s belief in working WITH clients rather than FOR them allows her to add greater value and provide insights into the clients’ business that they may not have seen before.

With a passion for conveying knowledge, Sarah empowers business owners to better understand their business, their role in their business, the role of others in their business and how to secure the future success of their business through employing solid business practices and management techniques, surrounding themselves with the right people and resources and building their confidence in their own knowledge and understanding of not only their own business but also the market forces that affect their industry and their competitors.

Sarah is also very proud to have been awarded a Fellow Membership with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers in 2015 in recognition of her ongoing commitment to increasing the overall knowledge and quality of the bookkeeping profession through her role as Group Facilitator for the ICB Joondalup Network Group.